Category: Bio-Geo-Physical

Healthy and Accessible Food

Sufficient amounts of healthy and nutritious food are accessible to all and are grown, manufactured, distributed and recycled by processes which maintain the healthy function of ecosystems and do not exacerbate climate change.

Clean and Renewable Energy

Energy is provided for, and extracted, generated and consumed without significant negative impact to ecosystems or to short or long- term human health and does not exacerbate climate change.

Responsible Resources/Materials

Non-food and non-energy renewable and non-renewable resources are sourced, allocated, managed and recycled responsibly and equitably, and without adversely affecting human health or the resilience of ecosystems.

Healthy Soil

Soils functions and operations meet their ranges of healthy ecosystem functions as appropriate to their types and environments; fertility is maintained or improved.

Clean and Safe Water

Residents have sufficient and continuous access to convenient and affordable clean drinking-water and domestic use water; city water sources, waterways and waterbodies are healthy and function without negative impact to ecosystems.

Clean Air

The city maintains a level of air quality that is conducive to good health within buildings, the city’s air shed, and atmosphere.