Proposed Timeline 2012 - 2050

2012 – 2015

IEFS indicators first draft completed.

Ecocity conditions evaluations completed by cities with the support of regional and national governments, with corresponding IEFS Action Plans created with the assistance of local government associations and the NGO sector as appropriate, ensuring outreach and dialogue ongoing with citizens and citizens groups.

Bioregional ecocity mapping and resource and ecosystem evaluation completed by clusters of cities occupying specific bioregions in order to coordinate and develop plans and policies that support local economies and meeting more of their needs from the natural capital of their own bioregions.

2012 – 2020

By 2020, a majority of cities and citizens will be well on the path toward ‘ecocity’ level conditions and we will see a significant lowering of greenhouse gas emissions, an improvement in overall biocapacity and a decrease in climate related shocks and instability.


A majority of cities and citizens will have reached ‘ecocity’ conditions. Climate change will have been stopped and earth system planetary boundaries restored. We will have made the full transition to a green economy and a renewed hopeful future for the human species and all other life forms on the planet.

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