Ecocity Standards Headline Indicators

At the first Ecocity Focus Lab held in Vancouver in November 2016, participants worked on confirming headline indicators for the International Ecocity Standards. A report was produced that will lay the foundation for indicators and benchmarks by which to measure and assess the 18 system conditions of an ecocity. Specifically, this report identifies the lead indicator recommended to measure each system condition. It is understood that several indicators may be needed to accurately assess each standard, but the purpose of identifying a leading headline indicator is to facilitate the effective use of scarce resources when cities begin to measure what matters when attempting to achieve the Ecocity Level 1 system conditions across all 18 standards.

In preparation for the upcoming Ecocity World Summit 2017 conference in Melbourne, July 12-14, the Ecocity Focus Lab report identifying headline indicators for the International Ecocity Standards is being publicly released for review and discussion. This document complements the recently updated International Ecocity Standards brochure.

Participants at the upcoming Ecocity World Summit will have an opportunity to discuss the standards and the headline indicators at the Ecocity Builders workshop to be held Thursday, July 13th from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Session 3A ”Cities Becoming Ecocities: Standards, Tools and Methods for Cities, Citizens and Urban Service Providers.”

If you are not attending the conference, your feedback is also welcome. Please drop us a line by responding to this article on the Ecocities Emerging blog.